What Is the Acceptance Rate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong?

The CUHK admission game plan + Game Data.

About The Chinese University of Hong Kong:Since its establishment in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward-looking research university with generally successful academic programs and an exciting campus life. It has a rigorous admissions process, ensuring the selection of students that excel academically, have leadership potential and demonstrate compassion and dedication to their community.

Acceptance Rates ( Statistically )

While the admission rate at CUHK for its different faculties ranges, on average, from 10% to 12% for its most popular programs. This narrow band highlights the high level of applicants that compete for a spot at the university and the strict admission standards the university maintains. International students are admitted at a rate closer to 20%, however, as the university aims to popularize its campus with students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Key Admission Criteria

Just with academic scores cannot they be admitted into CUHK The university also makes an assessment of its applicants based on various areas of their profile ie, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, personal essays, and interviews. Applicants are required to describe their accomplishments and values, and how they can impact the university.

Moving Across Different Faculties

The programmes are affected by the demand and reputation of the offered programmes, each faculty in CUHK has its own specific criteria and acceptance rates. This is not surprising, since it tends to be the most popular competitive programs such as Medicine, Business Administration and Engineering that have the lower acceptance rates because of their high demand and stringent requirements.


Bear in mind that, to boost your chances of getting into CUHK, study hard but not at the expense of extra-curricular activities. Leadership, community service and other out-of-class activities that apply to your graduate study can do much to improve your application. Aslo, connecting with CUHK alumni and students would be helpful for you to get an inside tip of how to apply and about CUHK culture.

Application Tips and Insights

Deadlines have to be strictly adhered to and the applications have to be planned minutely by the possible applicants. The point is, the personal statement, and recommendation letters that the student will ask for should be able to share something about the applicant apart from just the mere academic achievements they have — but also be able to convey the unique personality or aspirations of the applicant.

More Details : Link to the chinese university of hong kong acceptance rate for specific methodology and further guidance. All in all, this is a valuable resource for any student who is interested in figuring out how they can best position themselves against the competition in the CUHK admissions game.

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